As nature intended. We did not inherit this earth from our forefathers, it is on loan from our grandchildren.

We have to ask ourselves the big question, why does every second person that we talk to today know someone who suffers from heart disease or cancer?

After the Second World War we entered the chemical era:
• Rapidly expanding industrialization.
• The manufacture of millions of vehicles by the automotive industry.
• Chemical fertilisers and chemical sprays for agriculture.
All of which resulted in increased air and water pollution.

I can go on and on about my boyhood in the 1940’s and my memories of how much healthier the people living in my village (population 3,000), in the rocky mountains in the middle of Cyprus, were back then.

I have worked with a team of dedicated people to develop a plant using enzymatic hydrolysis technology, utilising the waste from our fish processing factory to produce what I believe is the best sustainable liquid fish fertiliser ever produced.

New Zealand, as a nation, catches over 1 million tonnes of fish per year generating approximately 600 thousand tonnes of waste, the majority of which goes into the production of fish meal.

This production method is very energy hungry, whereas the enzymatic hydrolysis method is a low energy user.

After conducting two years of trials by the independently operated Land Research Services based at Lincoln University, we can now say with confidence that our fertiliser can grow just as much grass with a higher dry matter yield as the traditional chemical fertilisers. Vegetables and fruits have a greater resistance to disease, and they taste better. Crops have higher density and nutrition.

By using natural compost and biological fertilisers, either alone or in combination with reduced amounts of chemical fertilisers, it will bring us one step closer to creating a healthier environment that our children and our grandchildren can enjoy in the future.

After using our fertiliser myself I can say with confidence that the vegetables and fruit from my garden are healthier and tastier, and the smell from my roses is incredible.

– Kypros Kotzikas