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Browns Partnership Ltd

I have been using United Fisheries Bio Marinus for two seasons now on our 200 ha dairy farm in Dorie, Mid Canterbury. I had been looking for a natural fertiliser that would stimulate the soil microbes as well as the Read More

Mike & Georgia Dewhirst – Dairy Farmers, Greendale, Canterbury

My guess is all dairy farmers believe they understand that grass quality and quantity offered to milking cows will translate to good milk production; the more grass the more milk, and the increase use of nitrogen to produce more grass Read More

Southern Woods – Tree Nursery Specialists

To Whom it may concern, Testimonial regarding our findings on our trials with Bio Marinus Biological Liquid Fish Fertiliser. We started using Bio Marinus Fish Fertiliser on a couple of plant lines as a non scientific trial, just simply dividing Read More


Biology@Work is an avid user of Bio Marinus as part of our process in the manufacture of soil microbial inoculums and as a biological feeder during the application of microbes and suspended minerals such as fine lime and Micronized Phosphate. Read More

Molloy Agricultural Spraying Limited

Bio Marinus Liquid Fish Fertiliser To whom it may concern, Hello, my name is David Molloy; I am the owner of Molloy Agricultural Spraying Limited based in Methven. I have been spraying business for 27 years and over that time Read More

Letter From A Dairy Farmer

On the 15th of March 2013 we applied 7.5 litres of the Bio Marinus (BM) to half paddock trials on 4 sites on the property. We also had one site where we applied BM only, 100 kg’s Urea only and Read More