“As nature intended. We did not inherit this earth from our forefathers, it is on loan from our grandchildren.”
(Native American Indian Saying)

“My mission is to play my part in contributing towards leaving this planet in a better state than it is. I believe that it is not too late and that we can all help to make a difference”

We have to ask ourselves the big question, why does every second person that we talk to today know someone who suffers from heart disease or cancer?

After the Second World War we entered the chemical era:

  • Rapidly expanding industrialisation

  • The manufacture of millions of vehicles by the automotive industry

  • Chemical fertilisers and chemical sprays for agriculture

All of which resulted in increased air and water pollution.

  • Chemical fertiliser usage could be reduced by up to 80% by combining them with natural composts or biological fertilisers, for example our Hydrolysed Liquid Fish Fertiliser

  • Combining two to three litres of Hydrolysed Liquid Fish Fertiliser with pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or herbicides can reduce the amount of chemicals used by between 50% to 75%

This will bring us one step closer to creating a healthier environment that our children and our grandchildren can enjoy in the future.

Grass, vegetables, crops and fruits grown using natural fertilisers (either alone or combined with chemicals) will have a higher density and nutritional value, greater resistance to disease, and they taste better.

Best Wishes

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Kypros Kotzikas