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Liquid Fish

Liquid Fish


BIO MARINUS™ is suitable for all crops.

  • Unique enzymatic production process which allows all nutrients to be retained in their natural form.
  • Feeds important soil organisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi – all essential for plant and soil health.
  • Can assist with the increase of biological activity and organic matter production which helps retain nutrients and soil moisture.
  • Helps to increase disease resistance and can help to reduce the need for insecticides and fungicides.
  • Complete major and trace mineral range.
  • Non-toxic, nil withholding period.
  • Biological and Organic options available.
  • Organic JAS approved options available on request.


We recommend 8 applications per year of 12-15L per hectare per application, or a minimum of 6 applications per year of 15-20L per hectare per application. Ideally twice in September/October, twice in December/January and twice in April/May.

The initial project results have demonstrated that the use of fish by-products in New Zealand pasture based livestock has a strongly similar effect to the positive results reported from other livestock industries overseas.



We recommend 3 applications per year of 30-40L per hectare per application, or a minimum of 2 applications of 40-60L per hectare per year, in early Spring and late Summer.


Also helps to increase brix levels in plants, which can deter insects.

GROUND APPLICATION* 15-20L per hectare prior to planting.
FOLIAR Dilute 1:100 as a foliar spray, apply 3-4 times per crop, or as required.

DO NOT spray during the heat of the day. Spray early morning, late evening or on an overcast day.

The effect of Bio Marinus Liquid Fish Fertiliser on pasture growth in Canterbury trials 2012:

Pasture quality for the Bio Marinus and nitrogen treatments was as high, or higher, than the nitrogen-alone treatments. It is interesting to note that the combined Bio Marinus and nitrogen treatment results showed the levels of calcium and magnesium content were 10% higher than the nitrogen only treatments.



GROUND APPLICATION* Soil drench at 10-15L per hectare over prunings, during spring flush and post harvest.
FERTIGATION 4L per hectare every 10-14 days. Minimum 4 applications during season.
FOLIAR Dilute 1:100 as a canopy application for disease control and nutrition. Apply every 10-14 days or as required.

DO NOT spray during the heat of the day. Spray early morning, late evening or on an overcast day.



During Ground Application the addition of 2 kg of industrial sugar or 2 litres of molasses per hectare may help speed up the biological activity response.

Important Information

Mix well prior to use. Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides, fertilisers and nutritional products. Test mix prior to application. When mixed with herbicides the fish oil in this product serves as a natural surfactant when foliar spraying.

DO NOT store this product in its diluted form.