Browns Partnership Ltd

I have been using United Fisheries Bio Marinus for two seasons now on our 200 ha
dairy farm in Dorie, Mid Canterbury. I had been looking for a natural fertiliser that would stimulate the soil microbes as well as the grass and clover plant. I had tried several different types of product on the market but I found that Bio Marinus has been the most consistent and easiest to use to achieve the results I was looking for.

We have been using dissolved Urea for many years now to apply the nitrogen to the
pasture and have been reducing the amount per season from 250 kgN/ha down to less than 180 kgN/ha and still achieving excellent grass growth rates and will look at reducing this even more going forward as the quality of the grass and clover keeps improving each time and season we have been using the fish-based product. See the attached plant leaf tests that are showing plant available nutrients are more balanced now and have improved in the two seasons of use as has the ME of the pasture.
(See analysis below)

We have noticed we have plenty of clover in the sward and the cows are grazing
the paddocks more evenly and we’re not seeing such a big difference in the urine and non-urine patches now. We have noticed that in the winter the grass has been growing faster than it used to and it seems to maintain its quality and colour of sward even after very wet winters when leaching would be expected to be high.

I have found that Bio Marinus has been a very easy product to use and mixes easily
with liquid urea in the spray tank and doesn’t block nozzles.

I am happy to recommend Bio Marinus to any farmer who is looking for a more
environmentally friendly way to farm with less artificial inputs, but still achieving high
production per hectare.

Yours Sincerely,
Browns Partnership Ltd
20th June 2018
Plant Tissue Analysis – White Clover and Fresh Mixed Pasture