Letter From A Dairy Farmer

On the 15th of March 2013 we applied 7.5 litres of the Bio Marinus (BM) to half paddock trials on 4 sites on the property. We also had one site where we applied BM only, 100 kg’s Urea only and BM and 100 kg’s urea combined.

We have recorded the following results from the higher urea and BM trial in kg’s Dry Matter:


There were still urine patches visible in the 100 kg’s urea site (46 units of N) but none visible at all in the combined plot. You will also note that the cows grazed the plots with BM on it down lower which suggests that they preferred it and found it more palatable.

Previous results have shown that that grass will grow at least 8% better, when part of the urea $ spent is substituted for BM to the equivalent value.

The heavy application of BM (30 litres per ha) has been applied last week and I will watch with interest over the winter months. We have selected and added some new sites for this product on very light ground that struggles in the autumn and areas that have had dairy effluent. These areas are also grass grub prone so the speed of their recovery will be interesting.

Application via the spray truck is one option, however a pivot injection system would be an advantage.

9th May 2013