Molloy Agricultural Spraying Limited

Bio Marinus Liquid Fish Fertiliser

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is David Molloy; I am the owner of Molloy Agricultural Spraying Limited based in Methven. I have been spraying business for 27 years and over that time I have seen many liquid fish fertilizers come and go.

When I was approached by United Fisheries to try some of their Bio Marinus, one of the first things I asked was what makes their product different to all the rest?

I can now honestly say that after three years of trialling Bio Marinus, it would be the best liquid fish fertiliser that we have ever used. The quality of the product is excellent (no blocked nozzles).

The extra dry matter grown whether applied by itself or when mixed with Liquid Nitrogen has been very good. Bio Marinus contains all the important trace elements that the plant requires, and there is an old saying that if the plant is healthy so is the stock.

Should anyone like to know more about Bio Marinus Liquid Fish Fertiliser, please feel free to contact myself.

Yours sincerely,

David Molloy
Managing Director
16th December 2011