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To Whom it may concern,

Testimonial regarding our findings on our trials with Bio Marinus Biological Liquid Fish Fertiliser.

We started using Bio Marinus Fish Fertiliser on a couple of plant lines as a non scientific trial, just simply dividing the crop in half and spraying one group with the fish fertiliser and the other with a more common fungicide.

It was noticed that even though we had to spray the fish fertiliser more often, once every 7 to 10 days, through the high risk mildew period, the mildew was completely absent from the fish fertiliser crop, but on the other crop, also sprayed at 10 day intervals there was signs of mildew outbreak. The other signs we noticed, was that the colour and over all health leading into winter was better, than on the crop that we used the common fungicide sprays.

Plants used:

Chionochion flavicans 9,000 plants
Hebe Salicifolia 1,400 plants

Pp Stephen Lockett
16th August 2012